Ms. Miller, the first 100 days of your training as an industrial management assistent are now behind you. How have the past days been for you?

Exciting! The first days and weeks were very interesting for me. First of all, of course, I got to know all departments and colleagues in the company and thus also my future tasks as an apprentice. The production of a thick-walled pipe bend is very complex and extensive. There is a lot to consider due to the different standards. But the longer I deal with the product and the term pipe bend, the better my understanding of what is behind it all becomes. The motto here in the company is “learning by doing”. This means that I am shown the basics of a field of activity and then I continue working independently. In this way I recognize my weaknesses, improve them at the same time and develop my own way of working.

Have you imagined the world of pipe bends in the same way?

I like the industry! But this is exactly how I did not imagine it. I have met many people in the last few weeks, both customers and suppliers. All the contacts gave me a very warm welcome and helped me with one or two questions. It feels like a “small family”, that is nice!

Ms. Abicht, what does successful training mean to you?

For me, a successful education means keeping up with the times. For us it means recognizing the strengths and interests of each trainee and then promoting them in a targeted manner. After all, today’s trainees are our skilled workers of tomorrow. I myself completed my training in this company and am now looking forward to passing on my positive experiences to the next trainees. Besides me, many of my commercial colleagues have gone the same way with us. I think this reflects our philosophy well.