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QUALITY is very important to us.

We always provide our customers with the best possible quality and the highest standards.

The following pages contain information about our services and quality assurance processes.

Quality assurance
Heat treatment
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Quality assurance

With the help of our quality assurance/quality management system the whole process is monitored and documented, from the arrival of the tube to the delivery of the elbows.

Our control mechanisms guarantee that every elbow in a production run meets the same high quality standard. .

We are certificated according to:

You can access the certificates in the Download section.

Material testing

For quality assurance and fast delivery we are able to perform the following destructive and non-destructive material tests in our own test laboratory:

Heat treatment

Our heat treatment center enables us to be innovative in the heat treatment of our elbows. We have three heat treatment furnaces controlled by a central computer which records all heat treatments for analysis and subsequent documentation.

We are able to subject our elbows to the following heat treatment processes:


Normalizing is a technique used to provide uniformity in grain size and composition throughout an alloy. The material is heated up to a temperature above the transformation point and then cooled down in open air. The aim of this process is to achieve a finer and equal grain size. Afterwards some materials need to be annealed at a temperature of 700-780�C.

Stress relief annealing:

Stress relieving is a technique to remove or reduce the internal stresses created during the forming process. Here the elbow is also heated up to a specific temperature which depends on the type of material, but this is slightly lower than in the normalizing process. Afterwards the elbow is also cooled down in open air.

Solution annealing:

Solution annealing is a process whereby austenitic stainless steel is heated up to a temperature between 1020�C and 1080�C and the temperature maintained long enough for the carbon to go into solution. After this, the material is quickly cooled in a water bath to prevent the carbon from coming out of solution.

Graphical analysis:

Every heat treatment is recorded. The prepared data will be added to the documentation.

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